Zilch is a London based start-up that aims to redefine the By Now, Pay Later (BNPL) market place. Generally this form of economic exchange is done through traditional credit cards whereby interest is accrued the longer it takes for the user to repay in full. Zilch is different in that it is a virtual card to be used in the virtual marketplace. They are also interest free, forever..


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As online retailers becomes the norm, particularly for Gen Z and the Millennial generations, Zilch is stepping in to offer a payment system that will work for them. With a $10 million funding round complete, Zilch was able to release their original BETA product in August 2019. Their model has gained traction, they were able to partner with Mastercard, and now the company is seeing 15,000 new users every month.

Their CEO, Philip Belamant, wants to offer people the option of buying what they need and what they want, without facing financial penalties, such as interest accrument, by doing so. Zilch’s BNPL system allows its customers to pay 25% of product prices at the time of purchase and and then make payments on that purchase over the following six weeks.

Currently, Zilch is accepted by over 10,000 websites including retail giants such as Amazon, eBay, and iTunes.

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