Yves Mirabaud

Yves Mirabaud was born in 1950 in Geneva, Switzerland. He studied at the prestigious Institut d’Études politiques, earning his degree in Economics and Public Law.

He has more than 45 years of experience in banking and investments and a substantial number of years spent working from the international perspective of an active investor.

Mr. Mirabaud is the founder of The Mirabaud Group, a company that offers its clients a variety of private banking services, including bank administration and asset management. He is also the owner and CEO of The Mirabaud Foundation for Health Research and Development. He sits on the Board, where he oversees their strategic projects.


Yves Mirabaud has been recognized by many different news sources and publications, including the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, Euromoney, and others.

He continues to be recognized as an expert on financial markets because of his extensive knowledge and experience and the trust he has gained through his time establishing The Mirabaud Group. He is often referred to as one of the most prominent bankers in Switzerland.

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has also deemed Mr. Mirabaud a top performer following his many years as a reputable investment expert.

Yves Mirabaud is also a recipient of the Swiss Business Award, given to only six individuals each year. The Swiss Business Confederation also recognized him for his outstanding professional accomplishments in 2014 and 2015.


When it comes to the financial industry, Yves knows what it takes to succeed. He is a man who has gained respect and appreciation over the years because of his work ethic and dedication to helping others. He is constantly striving for more, making him a remarkable leader and role model. Mr. Mirabaud’s advice is always valuable and very much in demand, which shows his remarkable ability to provide concrete solutions.

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Additional information about Mirabaud on https://www.mirabaud.com/en/mirabaud-group/governance