Miki delights in doing things that are out of the norm, and she does it excellently. She is a successful author and entrepreneur, always spearheading innovative platforms like ICON, THINX, WILD, and TUSHY. Miki Agrawal grew up as a triplet in a wonderful family of an Indian dad and a Japanese mom. She got listed among Young Global Leaders, Fast Company’s Most Creative People, and Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs.


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Miki founded Tushy as a way of addressing the bathroom hygiene problem. As someone with a knack for addressing uncomfortable topics, she stepped into this space and drew the necessary attention to the matter. Miki Agrawal came up with the bidet, an affordable bathroom attachment that helps you clean up with water instead of using toilet paper. Using paper brings health problems such as UTIs, hemorrhoids, anal itching, and fissures. All these problems, accompanied by the destruction of trees, make her idea even more acceptable.

While visiting India, Miki noticed a severe problem with sanitation and began a give-back program. She donates a significant amount of her profits to assisting needy families get access to clean community toilets. Her partnership with Samagra has made this process successful and impacts many people on the land.

Miki Agrawal prides herself in dealing with issues that people consider taboo. She loves challenging the status quo and finding better ways to do things. Miki always looks for ways to work more efficiently and protect the environment while making things affordable. Though this journey has not been easy, she always enjoys seeing the results of all the hard work.

Instead of settling for the norm, Miki goes the extra mile to find out if there is anything better to offer. She speaks what others fear addressing and tackles the taboos head-on. In the process, millions of lives get improved. Though challenging, she always comes out with a lifetime of lessons she is willing to share with those around her.