Alliance Defending Freedom is no stranger to the hurdles that come with being successful in the Supreme Court. They are known as one of the nation’s most respected and successful United States Supreme Court advocates, that is not a reputation that can be bought. It comes from Alliance Defending Freedom’s hard work and dedication over many years.

That is evident in the fact that so far, they have won seventy-four victories. A point that really drives home is that they are here to help and protect anyone and everyone. In these victories, some of their clients include pastors, churches, family-owned businesses, and college students. One of the most popular cases that they are glad to have a part in was when Roe Vs Wade got turned over as they agreed that there is no constitutional right to abortion.

Alliance Defending Freedom’s part in this case was that they helped the Mississippi Attorney General with drafting the Gestational Age Act. They also assisted them in presenting this point in front of the Supreme Court. They were not just looking to stop abortions but also wanted to make sure that unborn children and women have better access to the support and resources that they desperately need.

Another example of a case Alliance Defending Freedom won in the Supreme Court when Georgia Gwinnett College officials stopped a student multiple times from sharing their Christian beliefs on campus. When they questioned this action and stated that it was freedom of speech.

The college then changed its policy believing that it could then not be held responsible for violating the student’s freedom of speech. This was deemed not okay in the Supreme Court and the college did not win that case. Part of the reason that they are successful is that they believe in the free exchange of ideas. See this article for more information.


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