Wes Edens is a successful American entrepreneur, businessperson, and sports team owner dubbed as the “smartest billionaire in Wisconsin.” He is renowned for being the co-founder of a very profitable company, Fortress Investment Group LLC. Wes Edens has also served as a board member at General Electric and a major donor to Harvard University. Most recently, he was named the main backer of beverage company Chai Energy drinks, where he owns 50% of the shares.

Wes Edens graduated from the prestigious Menlo College with his undergraduate degree before getting a master’s degree from Duke University. After completing his studies, he worked for Lehman Brothers. More importantly. Wes Edens is a family man and a big spender for his family. He has been married to Linda , for years. Wes and Linda are blessed with four children.

Additionally, Wes Edens is recognized for his philanthropy works and has been a big supporter of many charitable organizations. He is a man who loves sports and cares about his community.

Wes Edens is also a big supporter of education in business. His passion has led him to contribute financially to many different universities and colleges. Edens has donated money to Duke University, his alma mater, Harvard Business School, and Menlo College, where he graduated from. By doing so, he wanted to help students passionate about business by providing them with enough funds for their educational needs.

Being passionate about mountaineering, Wes Edens has been a generous benefactor for numerous mountain climbing schools. He has climbed several mountains above 13,000 feet, including Mount McKinley in Alaska and Mount Kilimanjaro. His love for mountaineering stems from his interest in its health benefits. He also enjoys bodybuilding as well as skiing and rock climbing.

Wes Edens is also a successful businessman who has been making big moves in the investment world that have led him to become one of the richest men in the country.