Popularity of the Citizen App, introduced in 2017, has exploded since May 2020. Currently, over seven million users use the app to check police presence and safety at demonstrations and protests local to the user. The app has a number of useful features that can be utilized to help keep safe when out in public.

Citizen, a New York-based app, was launched in 2017, aimed at avoiding potentially dangerous situations as opposed to becoming involved in them. One of the most useful features is being notified of an incident before police have responded, which allows users of Citizen App to avoid putting themselves at risk.

Citizen App bears some similarity to police scanner apps, and uses radio antennas in major cities to monitor 911 communications. The information gleaned by the Citizen App from these communications is then used to make short, factual alerts that are then sent to anyone within a quarter mile of the incident. Currently, there are 22 cities that are covered by Citizen and the app is available on Android and iOS. Importantly, all users of the app, whether they are public citizens or police, are treated equally by Citizen App.

Within the Citizen app, real time alerts can be seen by tapping the lightning bolt icon at the top of the screen to see alerts for your city or another city. There is also a Helicopters on the Map feature that allows users to know if a police helicopter is nearby and why. There is also a paid 24/7 trained “Protect Agent” feature, starting at five dollars a month. The paid feature monitors your audio and live location, and can call 911 or alert others on a users’ behalf. Other features include an optional Covid-19 contact tracing feature, and a sharing feature that allows users to share live updates that can include video and audio.

Overall, the Citizen app is an extremely useful phone app. Other apps may perform similar functions, such as Nextdoor and Neighbors, but Citizens offers the most comprehensive app and is the best of its kind for personal safety and awareness. Go to this page for related information.


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