Imagine living in a world where human rights are not respected, and the welfare of women and children is ignored. Disturbing right?

This would have been the case in America were it not for the emergence of Alliance Defending Freedom. This global legal organization was launched in 1994, as Alliance Defense Freedom, to protect human freedom and the sanctity of life.

What are Human Rights?

All human beings are entitled to certain freedoms not influenced by any state. Everyone is entitled to religious freedom, freedom of speech, opinion, and expression. The Alliance Defending Freedom advocates for human freedom without discriminating against race, gender, or ethnicity.

The Role of ADF

Leaders in the Christian community came together to launch the Alliance Defending Freedom to perform the following roles as it pertains to fighting for human rights.

Handling Religious Freedom Cases

The United States has, for many years, protected particular minority religious groups. Through the Alliance Defending Freedom, the Supreme Court has recognized that man and woman are complementary equals, and that sex is determined biologically. The ADF represents people who want to freely express their beliefs in society without fear of punishment by the government.

Advocating for the Freedom of Speech

Tertiary educational institutions in America harbor students from various racial backgrounds and religious beliefs. These students have various constitutional rights, which may often get violated within the institution. As a legal entity, the Alliance Defending Freedom has won over 400 cases regarding student rights violations, defending their constitutional rights.

Protecting Parental Rights

The lives of women and children are essential, and parents should be allowed to raise their children. This allows molding their values into them and ensuring they grow into responsible individuals. With assistance from global partners, the ADF vision continues to be accomplished worldwide. In its quest to defend human rights, the legal entity has won 30 cases in the European Court of Human Rights. See this page for related information.


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