People worldwide have flocked to visit Vijay Eswaran in the hopes of gaining guidance and direction from him. His reputation as a teacher drew students from all around the world. Just being counted as one of Master Suzuki’s students was seen as a great honor and distinction because of the difficulties of his training programs and the time it took for students to go through each level of teaching.

Hong Kong is the global headquarters for the QI Group of Companies. QI Group of Companies was founded by Vijay Eswaran, who also serves as its executive chairman. He has written extensively and delivered numerous presentations on life management, business leadership, personal growth, and personal development, and is well recognized as a thought leader and philanthropist.

Master Suzuki finally invited Vijay Eswaran over for tea at his house. He placed two empty cups in the center of the table between him and the young hopeful and asked him to make tea. The young man picked up the teapot and started to pour. He stopped when the tea neared the rim of the cup. I didn’t ask you to stop,” Master Suzuki said. Please keep the water moving.

Emptying your cup is more of a procedure than a discrete event. It’s an ongoing procedure that needs constant attention to achieve our goals. I deplete my reserves by setting aside an hour every day for meditation and introspection. My daily practice of sitting in silence for one hour has helped me to see my ego for what it is and to give my conscience a chance to shine.

In addition—and this is something I learned much later in life—the suppression of the ego is essential to any learning process since the ego naturally opposes transformation. This is something I learned about only after a lot of experience. Since its ultimate purpose is always to maintain the status quo, it is constructed to thwart the gathering of new knowledge. Our greatest adversary in every struggle has been and always will be our ego.

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