Tom Keane is a software developer well-known for his long-term service as the head of products at Microsoft Corporation. His management style was centered on producing results and promoting entrepreneurship. Tom gained prominence when he launched Azure’s government cloud division. As a result, Microsoft established itself as a leader in providing solutions to clients across all industries. 


Also, Azure became widely used to create several new products that offered the company significant value. In 2020, Microsoft revealed the introduction of Azure Space, a platform created to meet the demands of the online space community. According to Tom Keane, the platform would manage customers’ technological issues, such as handling the enormous volume of data collected by satellites and extending cloud services to remote areas.           

                                                                                                      Cloud Services Engineer Tom Keane


As a result, both individuals and organizations could do more, on and off the planet. Under Tom Keane’s leadership, Azure Space facilitated Microsoft’s growth within the Department of Defense. After that, the corporation launched Azure Orbital, a space product that allowed users to communicate and manage satellites from Microsoft’s ground stations.


He organized the technical teams from Microsoft Research and Azure Space to analyze the possibilities of Hewlett Packard Enterprise space after Microsoft joined the company. Tom Keane adds that the collaboration helped advance research and discoveries, such as food growth in space. Moreover, it gave researchers and students access to ideas and technology, inspiring those who wished to pursue inventions with a purpose.


About Tom Keane Microsoft


Tom Keane was born in Adelaide, South Australia’s coastal capital. He attended the University of South Australia to study computer science and began his career working for Intec Consulting Group in Adelaide. Later, Tom Keane joined Microsoft and steered the corporation’s team into creating several revolutionary products. Today, he continues to develop essential technologies that solve some of the planet’s most challenging problems.