Tim Ioannides understood from an early age that the path to happiness was helping others. With two parents in the medical field, going into medicine was a natural choice for Dr. Ioannides. He received his degree from University of Miami School of Medicine and later founded Treasure Coast Dermatology. The practice focuses exclusively on medical dermatology, offering skin cancer services as well as general skin healthcare at five locations.

At the start of his career, Ioannides found himself in a practice that had more of a focus on cosmetic procedures. While he understands the value that type of work represents for some patients and doctors, it left him feeling unfulfilled. He wanted to work in something where he could have more of an impact, and he found his calling in treating and preventing skin cancer.

Now serving the Treasure Coast area for over 15 years, Ioannides attributes much of his success to his excellent staff and nurses who have been with him from the beginning. To provide the best service and care, they’ve developed a unique system that allows their close-knit team to work out of all five locations. Additionally, the practice does not use electronic recordkeeping, instead using traditional note-taking and filing. For Ioannides, this means more time spent actively listening to his patients rather than looking at a screen. Knowing his patients and spending focused time with them is crucial to providing the best, most compassionate care.

While Ioannides enjoys and excels at working with patients, educating others is where he finds the most fulfillment. Whether it’s educating Floridians on sun avoidance or assisting university students with medical training, he makes time to share his knowledge with others to make sure he’s doing all he can to fight skin cancer.

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