Successful entrepreneur and attorney, Trey Branham states, “never forget how lucky you are to be in peace.” This is after donating to a family that had recently lost everything to a fire accident.

He was the first one in his family to graduate from college. Throughout his education and career life, he observed the injustice in the legal system. He saw people from his social class being denied the help they desperately needed. This lit a spark in him to study law to take part in the transformative agenda of the legal system. He acquired a Juris Doctor from the University of South Carolina in 1999.

After graduating, Tim secured a job with Dean Omar, where he joined hands with a team with the same mindset as himself. Their focus was to give full representation to secure justice for people who deserved it. The firm is committed to fighting for the rights of the oppressed through full representation. It is committed to fighting for the oppressed.

Jessica Dean enjoys being an attorney at Dean Omar Branham because she gets to work with people almost similar to her family. This is because they share the same values and socioeconomic status. Working with this group helps her assess and analyze her team’s ideas and feelings. They all decided to work on a common goal, to take corporate greed and reward those who deserve it. As a result, the firm has significantly succeeded because of the consistency and care we give.

Dean Omar has achieved great legal outcomes in shareholders liability, unpaid wages, and general consumer action. The firm is dedicated to ensuring corporates and individuals are held accountable for their actions. This helps to advocate and promote moral transformation. It also provides case reviews to people and families with legitimate grievances in any field. This shows its commitment to the deserving. Today, it has represented thousands of victimized clients worldwide.

Good works cannot go unnoticed. The law firm of Dean Omar has received commendations from several respected non-profit organizations and media sources. Jessica Dean was also recently ranked among the top 500 plaintiff consumer lawyers globally.