Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots and one of the richest men in America, is no stranger to controversy. Kraft’s appearances at Trump’s inauguration were intended to show solidarity with this president. Still, as soon as he took his seat in the audience, Kraft was promptly asked to leave by Chief Justice Roberts.

Though he briefly returned later on during a reception held outside of the ceremony, it was clear that Robert Kraft wasn’t looking forward to being there from the moment he got off his private jet. The awkward appearance caused such a rift on social media that even Trump himself decided to tweet about it – and as most people did about him – accuse someone else for causing it. Trump is now claiming that the Chief Justice asked Kraft to leave because he is a Patriots fan and wanted to make a statement against the franchise.

This adds to the evidence that Trump will say or do anything to cover up his mistakes. There is no evidence whatsoever of Robert Kraft ever saying anything derogatory about Trump or protesting his actions in any way. Even after all this, Robert Kraft has once again proven himself to be the most loyal billionaire in America, as evidenced by the fact that he returned for reunions with 2017’s White House guests though it could only bring him closer to Trump and make him even more uncomfortable.

The events of the inauguration show that Robert Kraft is ready and willing to stand up for what he believes in and fight back against anyone who threatens his team or the rights they hold dear. He’s also a dedicated sportsman who cares about his community so much that he is willing to take a front-row seat at one of the most important events in American history despite almost certainly being uncomfortable.

That’s why Kraft deserves to be recognized as the face of the American people: he has proven himself to be a person who will fight for what is right, even when it’s difficult, and never give up on doing what’s best for our country. See related link for more information.


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