Robert Kraft is the business magnate who has had a major hand in the success of one of the most storied football franchises in NFL history. As Chief Executive Officer, he brought his own professional and personal touches to the team’s operations, ensuring that they are led into victory by a team that is not merely comprised of “fans” but by true supporters- co-workers, friends and family. Robert Kraft is also well known for his involvement with charitable causes around Boston.

Robert Kraft was born in Brooklyn on October 21st, 1937, to immigrant parents who were originally from Lithuania. He attended public school in New York and then earned a B.A. from Columbia University in 1960, majoring in Economics, as well as a master’s degree in Business Administration from the same school, which he completed in 1961.

During his years at Columbia University, Robert Kraft tried out for the football team but suffered a severe ankle sprain, which ended his hopes of ever playing football professionally and provided him with valuable life lessons he would later draw upon to manage his own career and those of his peers. In fact, Robert Kraft was a founding member of the “Football Club,” Columbia’s first football team.

He started out working for the family packaging business, started by his father Harry Kraft and his uncle Jack, called Triangle Industries. A year later in 1963, he became the company’s president and CEO.

He worked with his cousin to build up the business to a multi-million-dollar operation that they later renamed as International Forest Products Inc. which included packaging papers as well as recycled paper products. His success at this firm continues to make him one of New England’s most successful businessmen- its largest private paper recycler with more than $1 billion in sales and about $100 million in profits.

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