Tom Keane, former Corporate Vice-President of Azure Global and Vice President at Anduril Industries is a leading figure in the cloud computing industry. Recently, the software developer made headlines with his contributions to the Azure Space ecosystem. Azure Space blends cloud technology’s capabilities with the opportunities space exploration presents. 


This ingenious solution empowers individuals and groups to accomplish extraordinary feats both on and beyond the confines of our planet, making the impossible seem achievable. 


What Are Some of Tom Keane’s Developments in the Azure Space?


One of the most exciting developments in Azure Space is the preview release of Azure Orbital, which enables satellite operators to communicate and control satellites using Microsoft’s ground stations worldwide without connection costs into Azure. Another remarkable development in the Azure Space universe is SpaceEye. According to Tom Keane, this clever artificial intelligence-powered system produces a daily, crystal-clear view of the planet’s visual and spectral imaging without any annoying clouds blocking the view. 


In addition, Tom Keane spearheaded the partnership between Azure Space and Airbus, which offers access to the world’s most advanced high-resolution remote sensing data and topographic information (Crunchbase). 

Technology Development Leader Tom Keane

What Are Some of Tom Keane’s Achievements?


He was recognized as the Cloud Industry Executive of the Year by WashingtonExec’s Pinnacle Awards 2021. Keane’s dedication to innovation and successful executive leadership was acknowledged for launching Azure Government Secret and Azure Government Top Secret cloud regions and developing and launching a range of edge devices.


Final Thoughts

Tom Keane has been instrumental in developing these and other products within the Azure Space ecosystem. By leveraging partnerships, space data, collaboration tools, and Microsoft services and capabilities, Azure Space unlocks powerful possibilities for customers. Thanks to his innovative leadership and strategic vision, Azure Space has emerged as the go-to platform for the space industry.