For someone looking for a way to start earning extra income fast, direct selling has been a successful pathway for countless individuals.

A primary advantage of direct selling is that getting going requires very little start-up cash. All the seller needs to do is work hard, learn as much as they can about how to sell successfully – and be very determined.

Another excellent idea is to join a company that offers strong opportunities for success and the support its sales representatives need to succeed. One of the best is QNET, a Southeast Asian-based firm that enjoys a 20-plus-year track record of success and cutting an honest deal with its selling associates.

QNET is not a scam. Some have made this erroneous claim in various online forums. Most who jump to the “scam” conclusion have never worked with the company. They assume that because QNET is structured on an MLM model (Multi-Level Marketing), it’s a typical pyramid scheme type of operation.

Nothing could be further from the truth. First, the disreputable MLM firms always require that their direct sellers buy an expensive package of products upfront so that they can sell them later.

This direct-selling platform does not require this. Rather, reps plug into the highly efficient e-commerce site of the company and simply offer to others what is being sold there. When a sale is made, the direct sellers earn a commission and pocket the cash. It’s that simple.

Furthermore, QNET is a company that is heavily regulated across the 30 nations where it operates. It has never run afoul of local laws, regulations and compliance factors that make it an upright and outstanding firm.

Millions of people in emerging economy nations, such as India and Malaysia, are tapping into the power of direct selling. They’ve discovered that it’s a workable way to a better economic future of financial stability and independence.

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