QNET, the biggest direct-selling company in India, with a sizable network of direct salespeople spread out across the whole country. The number of men and women who entered direct selling in 2020 increased, and they came from a variety of backgrounds and ages. Particularly during a time when our economy is struggling, direct selling has consistently been a dependable source of legal self-employment. This Indian company offers a variety of items and has been successfully using direct selling as a business strategy for a while. Browse the home & living, beauty, and health & wellness categories by going to the India e-Store. You have a firm foundation to build on today.

While it is understandable that anyone who is looking to make money in this economy may be weary rest assured QNET is not a scam. Their core values are of high morals and standards. The core values are:

” LEADERSHIP: Lead to inspire and inspire to lead. We nurture and inculcate entrepreneurial passion as the path to independence, inclusiveness, and innovation.

SERVICE: Service above self, a credo we live by. We are committed to serving our customers and our community with excellence, respect, and devotion.

INTEGRITY: Being ethical and honest in everything that we do lies at the heart of our DNA.

SUSTAINABILITY: We are merely caretakers for the next generation. We must preserve, sustain and resurrect our environment.”

They are service focused. Meaning As a crucial leadership quality, we support the idea of in-service. Our Founders have created a culture of service before self in the network as well as the workforce. We think the ultimate mark of a leader is to serve others with humility.

Direct selling has a highly promising future. According to some experts, the direct selling industry in India is anticipated to see a significant growth trend over the next three to five years.

India’s direct selling industry is expected to reach INR 64,500 billion by 2025, according to a joint report by KPMG and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), as a result of the nation’s constant rise in the number of direct sellers. QNET is a fantastic and lucrative opportunity.

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