Formerly Alliance Defense Fund, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is a legal organization committed to protecting religious freedom, free speech, the sanctity of life, and God’s design for marriage and family. They are dedicated to defending these fundamental freedoms in courtrooms across America and around the world through advocacy efforts.

Their mission is to preserve and protect these cherished liberties by providing individuals and organizations with legal counsel, education, and training. ADF also works in coalition with other legal defense organizations, churches, faith-based ministries, and pro-family policy experts to foster an environment that respects the inherent dignity of every person.

Alliance Defending Freedom is also on the front lines of defending the freedom of conscience in the workplace by helping employers to navigate government regulations and maintain their moral standards. They support efforts to repeal or reform laws hostile to religious freedom, free speech, and the sanctity of life. Providing resources to individuals, families, churches, business owners, lawyers, and nonprofits in these areas ensures that freedoms remain intact for future generations.

In addition to all these, Alliance Defending Freedom is dedicated to protecting the fundamental right of parents to make decisions concerning the care, custody and control of their children. They strive to ensure that all families can exercise their freedom of conscience and religion, even when it comes to matters involving the health and welfare of their children. ADF is committed to upholding these rights by providing legal support and defending them in nationwide courtrooms.

Alliance Defending Freedom believes that parents are best situated to make decisions about their children’s upbringing and therefore works to protect the parent’s right to do so. This includes ensuring parents can access accurate information about their children’s health, welfare, and education to make informed decisions. ADF also advocates for policies that ensure parents’ constitutional rights are respected and protected.

One example of a life-changing case that Alliance Defending Freedom has been involved in is the Terri Schiavo matter. In this situation, ADF represented the family of a young woman being denied food and water despite her still being alive. After months of legal battles, they secured an order from the court that allowed nutrition and hydration to be restored to Terri until the case could be fully litigated on its merits. Ultimately, Terri’s family won at trial, and she could live the rest of her life in peace. See this page for more information.


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