In November 2016, Happy Joe’s Galesburg was sold to a new ownership team. Since then, the new owners have been working hard to keep the company’s principles intact while bringing new ideas and fresh perspectives to their local market.


Situation Analysis

Even though the new ownership team was determined to keep Happy Joe’s Galesburg successful, they did face some challenges. For starters, the company had almost five years of negative net income. There was also an unmet demand for pizza in the area, and Happy Joe’s Galesburg was starting to lose market share. The new owners of the American Pizza Parlor saw this as an opportunity to come up with a strong strategy that would make improvements throughout the business.


Endeavors & Achievements

The new owners set a goal to break even by the end of 2017. To do this, they would have to introduce a new menu item without alienating Happy Joe’s Galesburg’s customer base and find ways to increase walk-in traffic. They also needed to strengthen their team and ensure they were aligned with the company’s goals (Bizjournals).


Happy Joe´s at QSR Magazine

  1. Add New Menu Item

In January 2017, the new owners added a fresh pizza to the Happy Joe’s Galesburg menu. The pizza was made with a circular dough, allowing more toppings and slices 15 inches in diameter. This was an easy way to increase the number of customers who ordered large pizzas while also adding value to their customers.


  1. Happy Joe’s Increase Walk-in Traffic

To attract more walk-in traffic, the owners had to look at the physical layout of Happy Joe’s Galesburg. After making a few adjustments, they observed that the ice cream and pizza parlor could add a second register and have their staff pass through the line while delivering food. This was not only a cost-saving move but also catalyzed service and created an experience that was unique to customers.