It’s a well-known fact that people talk and one thing they seem to love talking about is whether something is a scam or not a scam. And, one company that those wagging tongues have been going on and on about is QNET. However, all that talk doesn’t make it so and the fact is that QNET is not a scam. It’s simply an effective direct selling organization that’s been growing by leaps and bounds lately.

The Direct Selling Business Model

Direct Selling is a highly-efficient business model that creates opportunities for everybody involved. Here’s why. Traditional retail businesses rely on a long chain of intermediaries, from the manufacturers to the distributors as well as wholesalers to retailers. The main problem with this is that it adds too much cost and major complexity, while also limiting the end consumers’ choices.

Eliminating the Middleman

On the other hand, direct selling businesses eliminate the middleman by selling directly to consumers. This can reduce costs substantially while also increasing demand and creating a more direct relationship between the manufacturers and the consumers.

Direct selling also creates a far-reaching network of independent salespeople who can more easily reach those consumers in their own respective communities. This can really make it much easier for direct selling businesses to operate in larger markets by reaching a much broader range of customers. See related link to learn more.

A Win-Win For Everybody

QNET’s direct deals consistently offer a diverse selection of high-quality and unique products and services to its customers, while also developing a far-reaching sales network to promote its offerings. Long story short, QNET direct selling is actually a major win-win for everybody involved via its wide range of products and the fact that it’s an e-commerce-business that’s quite well-respected and boasts far-reaching community ties worldwide.


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