Tillable is a new and disruptive marketplace that will capitalize on a significant agricultural and natural estate trend: land value. Tillable allows users to access, purchase, hold, or lease agricultural land with little-to-no overhead using cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain technology enables the Tillable marketplace to be trusted and secure. Corbett Kull, CEO of Tillable, has a vision for developing an online food platform to help increase food production efficiency. At the same time, it better connects farmers and consumers, and already has a great product poised to disrupt the agriculture industry.

Corbett Kull is also the head of 640 Labs, an accelerator program that has invested in over 15 early-stage companies, including some of the largest technology investors in the world. Tillable is a marketplace that unlocks the value of agricultural land by connecting landowners with renters while providing efficient and secure transactions.

The farmland rental market has a lot of problems, but it’s still in use today. The significant difficulties are transparency and limited liquidity. The Tillable platform solves these three critical issues using blockchain technology and smart contracts to provide an extremely efficient, transparent, and trusted platform for agricultural land rental.

Tillable’s mission is to become the trusted and efficient marketplace for farming, agricultural leases, and more. The goal is to make food markets more efficient and profitable for everyone involved by providing an open, international, and transparent marketplace for farmland.

The Tillable team consists of veteran entrepreneurs and cryptocurrency investors passionate about building a best-in-class demand for farmland. Tillable has received funding from world-class investors who have previously funded successful cryptocurrency and blockchain-related companies.

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