Miki Agrawal is a social business person who challenges society’s existing state of affairs, religion, politics, and the military. She is also the known founder of several organizations such as:

TUSHY. An organization that has seen the improvement of the American bathroom

experience by providing affordable, best-in-class modern bidets. TUSHY’s innovation

idea came to Miki Agrawal during her trip to India, where she realized a need to deal

with the country’s defecation matter. The main aim of this organization is to give back to the community by battling the sanitation crisis and aiding in the forestry projects


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THINX has helped several girls in Africa. For instance, Uganda has sent over 100,000

girls back to school due to the organization’s innovation of period-proof underwear.

Under the leadership of Miki Agrawal, THINX has managed to disrupt the feminine-

hygiene market worth billions of dollars.

WILD. Miki Agrawal founded WILD to come up with a healthier gluten-free pizza

concept. WILD and the rest of the mentioned organizations have contributed positively to improving different communities’ financial, social, and environmental status.

Agrawal has been known as an entrepreneur who tackles matters that are socially forbidden, restricted, or custom prohibited. She enjoys questioning the status quo and how society approaches things. She says. Questioning the normal society approach to things has led to her foundation of several more efficient and environmentally friendly businesses for those in need.

“I’ve always been fascinated with the process of discovery, invention, and rapid improvements.”

“Iteration is perfection” is a quote that has kept Miki Agrawal growing in her journey of several new inventions with the main purpose of changing culture to improve the lives of millions of people globally. The founder and CEO of TUSHY feel a great sense of pride in what she has learned and achieved while enhancing people’s lives worldwide.