Mike Fleiss, who is a television producer, knew Eddie Van Halen. Still, Mike never once thought he would eventually become friends with him.

Mike Fleiss and Eddie Van Halen used the Gibson guitar called “The Barney Kessel.” It was exciting to know that “The Gibson Barney Kessel” is a trendy and unique item that people can bid on for nearly ten thousand dollars.

They shared touching stories about Eric Clapton when they exchanged music together in the past, which they will never forget for the rest of their lives.

The music Van Halen’s career was filled with so many moments that eventually became worldwide music hits, including the song “Jump.” Wolfgang Van Halen, who is Van Halen’s son, at one time, performed together on stage for well over ten years. Wolfgang Van Halen enjoys performing to this day wherever he travels. He also performs with Mammoth WVH, his band alone, or sometimes with other performers.

Mike Fleiss stated that Eddie Van Halen was an exceptional hero with the gift of playing the guitar. He was also a gifted musician who inspired many people. Mike admitted that if it was not for Eddie Van Halen, he would never once have used a guitar since Van inspired him as a child.

Van Halen and Mike Fleiss connected with other things besides the guitar. They both gave each other input about music and whether this tone worked for a song. Van Halen had many recordings that were never released to the public. However, he created them in his studio with pride and dedication.

It has been reported that Van Halen left behind almost one million songs that were made on Compact Discs right inside his home. Soon, Van Halen’s collection of his already-released songs will always live on for his time in the music industry.

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