The growth of the Portuguese real estate market has been strong in recent years due to the increase in both employment and wages, as well as positive expectations for economic growth. This has led to a reduction in housing supply, fuelled by a natural shortage of land and increased demand for housing.

Luis Horta e Costa provides an ample selection of property for sale and investment in Lisbon, as well as in the greater region of Portugal. Our extensive portfolio of properties is managed by experienced agents who have a strong investment background and understand the local market and the needs of our clients.

Investment in Lisbon real estate has many rewards for those already living in Portugal or those looking to start a new life. Nationwide housing trends have been positive for those seeking a safe place to invest and those seeking residence in Luis Horta e Costa’s highly desirable Lisbon apartments. In 2015, residential investments increased by +8.3%.

Residential property has already seen an increase in demand over the last few years, but with a growing economy comes an increasing need for housing, which should provide an investment opportunity for those looking to purchase a home in Lisbon and the surrounding region of Portugal.

Being a popular top destination for pocket-friendly yet exclusive real estate investment in Lisbon, Portugal, Luis Horta e Costa has experienced a major boost in construction and residential investment at the start of the year and a revived home equity market. This increase in value is mainly due to the high demand for residential properties in this region due to their highly desirable location and low entry price.

Unlike most other European countries, home equity and real estate have become increasingly popular investments in this developed European nation. The nationwide housing trends have been positive for those looking for a safe place to invest, so it’s no surprise that many investors are looking to make a new life in Portugal.

Home to the best climate in Europe, Portugal also has a top quality of life. The country has become increasingly popular for investors due to its lower tax rate, social security, excellent public education system, and well-developed infrastructure.