Leen Kawas is a bio-entrepreneur and the author of a blog called BioIndustry TV. Her service advises biotech professionals and entrepreneurs seeking help with procurement, development, and financing.

Technology is an ever-growing field that changes every month, making it difficult to keep up with what’s happening in the industry at any given time. However, one thing never changes: Staying on top of your game is always important – technology-wise. Whether in the biotech or medical devices industry or starting as an entrepreneur aspiring for success, being fully aware of what’s going on should be your high priority.

Leen Kawas believes that it is important to stay in the know and create a personal “sensor alarm” that constantly monitors the market, looking for new opportunities as they appear. According to Leen Kawas, when an opportunity presents itself, IT IS up to you to identify it and seize the moment. Kawas, however, also cautions entrepreneurs to take caution with every opportunity within your reach. She says that many a time, people will make a decision to pursue an opportunity for the wrong reason – for instance, a company promises you money upfront in exchange for whatever product or service you want to develop and sell. If the product is not up to their standards or if it falls apart from day one and they can no longer deliver on their initial promise of payment, they may very well decide not to pay you at all.

The main goal of Kawas’ blog is to help bio-tech professionals and entrepreneurs with the proper knowledge needed on how to stay in the know.

Kawas is a busy entrepreneur with plenty of interesting stories and insights. Although she is an expert in her field, she still stayed humble during the interview and revealed what mistakes she made – such as not taking advantage of opportunities when they appeared or simply overlooking them altogether.

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