Who is Miki Agrawal? she is the chief guest of the Mindvalley team’s platform, on which she is recognized for teaching entrepreneurs ways to launch their business from zero to over 100 million dollars. She is known to help entrepreneurs identify new ideas that can justify their real needs; she is also responsible for teaching some fundamentals of turning available passions from individuals into viable business opportunities.


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According to the newswire based in San Francisco, on September 22, 2021, Mindvalley was mentioned as the world’s leading personal growth platform that broke new ground with various entrepreneurial causes from Miki Agrawal.

What are business profession skills derived by Agrawal?

Different reasons make Miki Agrawal’s business a success and are valued at over 200 million dollars. She has been known for her taboo-breaking marketing and in conscious-rooted brands. This, in return, has also teamed up with Mindvalley’s foundation has created an exclusive program. Therefore, these programs are responsible for giving or guiding our members on step-by-step progress in developing brand ideas to execution and beyond. Based on the United State Census Bureau USCB, this specific launch will come at a perfect time, making the United States fledge more in business than ever before.

Business ideas for inspiring entrepreneurs to take during the pandemic

As we all know, a pandemic will always facilitate a lot of sadness, confusion and challenges. Therefore, Miki Agrawal came up with various business ideas that provided unique opportunities for inspiring entrepreneurs during the pandemic period. According to Vishen, the founder of Mindvalley said that their quest was designed to bring fundamental transformation, and individuals were eager to see what world would benefit and learn from their generation’s most successful entrepreneurs. Lastly, she is known for disrupting industries and changing her culture, period panties brand THINX to the luxury- yet affordable bidet commodity known as TUSHY.