Launch House is an online startup where you can learn to develop your apps. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, they have a class for everyone. Lessons are taught by real entrepreneurs and by the teachers themselves. They have daily homework assignments, community feedback sections, and a live mentor system that will walk you through finding success as an entrepreneur. They have targeted the beginning-level developer with classes that teach the basics of app development. Advanced users can access tools to turn their ideas into a reality by designing and developing their apps.

Matthew Auer started Launch House in 2009 when he was just a freshman in high school and couldn’t find any good classes for making apps. He created the first lessons and streamed video lessons on YouTube every week. The site soon became so popular that he had to start charging for his classes and offering them in group settings. Students can also create their accounts, log in, and take Launch House courses whenever they want to learn.

They now have a large fan base of people wanting to learn more about app development. Matthew attended Liberty University online through the School of Science and Technology but has since started Launch House full-time. The app development courses are taught by experienced entrepreneurs who share their knowledge so that others can develop their apps.

Launch House offers three different courses for people to take. The first course is a beginner developer course that teaches the basics of mobile development. If you are an expert developer, there is a course specifically to help you find success by turning your app ideas into reality. There is also a course for people that are not developers and want to learn more about apps to have their ideas turned into fully developed apps by their private team of designers and developers. All courses are completely online and can be taken independently at any time. Website: