Kfir Gavrieli, CEO of Tieks, the well-known shoe company of ballet flats made of Italian leather knows how to donate back to the community. He always looked at business as a way to contribute or make a charitable impact on the world. The business provided the funds for the Gavrieli Fountain and its direct relationship with KIVA. This organizations gives loans to women living in poverty that want to start their own businesses.

During the pandemic Tieks and its workers sewed thousands of face masks for healthcare workers in Los Angeles County. There was a shortage of mask for workers and the company wanted to help provide them with the equipment they needed for safety. Kfir Gavrieli’s company encouraged customers to sew masks too. This effort produced over 1 million masks for healthcare workers that feared for their health due to a shortage of masks. o

Kfir Gavrieli purchased sewing machines for his staff to make the masks. He partnered with other businesses to buy and donate N95 masks to local health care workers. They used social media to get customers and vendors to make masks by rewarding them with a gift card. It was called Operation #SewTogether. It was a very successful program.

The Gavrieli Foundation was formed to help women in the United States and around the world that live in poverty. Through their association with an organization called KIVA they donate money for loans for women to start and grow a business. This creates opportunity for income and independence for women. Tieks is one of the largest contributors to KIVA.

Kfir says that the Foundation gives donations to women all over the world. They provide money to pay tuition for school, buy business supplies, farm animals and feed, food, and farming equipment. He says microlending has become part of the company brand and the meaning of why they make their products. Refer to this article for more information.


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