British entrepreneur Joseph Ashford Ellis is World of K4 Global Bournemouth CEO. A well-respected electrical engineer, Ashford Ellis had held senior executive positions with Microsoft, 3M, Hewlett-Packard and other top global technology companies before becoming the Bournemouth CEO of K4 Global. Joseph Ashford Ellis was also responsible for developing technical innovations like the first graphics chip used in computers to store videos and pictures on microchips. He also developed a method for using computer chips to store as well as retrieve graphical information. These are key technological advances.

Education And Experience

An important step in developing the technical skills that has made him an engineer that is in great demand, was when Joseph Ashford Ellis earned his BSc in Computer Science and Electronics from the University of Southampton. He then attended the University of Cambridge where he got his MSc in Electronic Engineering. Ashford Ellis then used his knowledge and training to get senior executive positions at some of the world’s best known and most respected technology companies. Through his hard work and determination, he gained experience and expertise in marketing, sales, product management, as well as leadership and developed important new products.

A Well-Deserved Leadership Position

With his education, experience and expertise, Joseph Ashford Ellis was the perfect man to be the CEO at a leading technology company like K4 Global. Working with companies like Hewlett-Packard, 3M and Microsoft and creating several innovative, groundbreaking new products makes Ashford Ellis uniquely qualified to take the helm of one of the leading emerging technology companies. His leadership experience and expertise with product development and implementing scalable solutions businesses can use to achieve consistent growth, move into select international markets and realize their optimal enterprise value make him a valuable asset to any company. That bodes well for his new company’s future.