Jason is actually the founder of Hughes Marino. They represent companies with thousands of lease auditing projects. They have been helped to develop a winning planning and designing strategy. 


They specialize in lease negotiations and lease auditing. Jason actually began his career in the 1980’s. He worked in Los Angeles but later moved to San Diego, where he helped out Corporate Tenants. At Hughes Marino representation firm, the purchase negotiations were being worked on for thirty years. 


The representation firm was founded in San Diego and is such a large company. The firm has become such a prominent player in this particular corporate consultation industry. The Hughes Marino company helped pioneer a law, which was accepted by a governor in 2014. 


The law increases fairness for everyone involved in commercial tenants. He has a lot of experience with high-value leases and also negotiating complexes. Loan structuring at Hughes Marino is one of his strong parts. 

Jason worked in several markets in the past thirty years. He is highly regarded as a thought leader in this field besides the appearance at the Hughes Marino representation firm. He has appeared in several television shows and was also on the Wall Street Journal. Pepperdine University was where he received his degree. Jason is great because he shared his expertise with the general public.