Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and futurist who is excited about the changes to human longevity that can be brought about by stem cell research. While there is some controversy in how the stem cells are acquired, he sees the research as a way to evolve medicine faster. The first was extracted two decades ago, which showed people the benefit of what is known as parent cells. 


The advances since then have made life better for many and are only growing from the science that is learned. It is already helping those needing regenerative treatments to be able to live. One of the ways that these treatments can help is by slowing down the aging process, Jason Hope explains, which requires more research and examples shown to the public. 


Jason Hope has been trying to help this process through donations by the SENS Organization. He sees this as a way to help the medical community make the advancements they can get safely and successfully. This is part of SENS’ way, which is to find treatments for degenerative diseases.
Business Gurú Jason Hope

Serial entrepreneur Jason Hope is watching the treatments that are going through government trials, as they are at the second stage. These are the regenerative treatments that are further in the process than others. There will be hurdles that will need to be handled in the way Hope sees what is to come, but that is why SENS is working to help. 


Some many diseases and conditions will be helped, in his eyes. Macular degeneration, heart disease, dementia, and a few others can be slowly made a thing of the past, which will help humans live longer. Artificially generated retinas have shown promise, which could help be a cure for blindness, Jason Hope adds. All these are ways that Hope is working to help, especially with funding and research through the SENS Organization.