SENS Foundation

One of the few technology entrepreneurs credited for his accurate prediction of future technologies is Jason Hope. He was born and raised in the Phoenix area, and he is a holder of a Masters Business Administration, MBA degree from the famous W.P Carey School of Business. When it comes to investments, Jason Hope is a force to reckon with, and he gets regarded as one of the few skilled investors that enjoy taking pride in charitable events and missions. 


The difference between other entrepreneurs and Jason Hope is his thought process regarding technologies shaping future trends and their breakthroughs. The businessman is particularly vocal about the Internet of Things, IoT and the SENS Foundation. Recently, Jason Hope took to the stage to share his thoughts on the Internet of Things issues that have become a common topic recently. Almost every device we are using is connected either to the optimal surroundings or to other devices. 


Jason Hope and SENS Foundation


Jason Hope is quite optimistic that the IoT is a groundbreaking technology that has great potential in transforming the public into how it functions. The activist investor oversees a situation whereby the Internet of Things will continue to evolve up to where almost entire devices will get connected. Jason Hope states that the Internet of things has been of tremendous impact, particularly in enhancing business efficiency and personal life as a whole. 

IoT allows tasks to get managed conveniently, instantly and efficiently with these technologies in place. The Internet of Things can be applied in several critical areas such as homes connected to the Internet of things. Also, the Internet of things can enhance health-related issues and technologies as it allows sharing of data and diagnosis almost instantly. Jason Hope also predicts that the Internet of things will continue to strengthen and improve the longevity of health as it boosts the quality and wellness of life.