With today’s energy transformation, the rise of alternative energy sources focused on sustainable clean power has spiked, forcing energy solution providers to rethink their mode of operations, sources of supply, and procedures. According to Ming- a former Baker Hughes VP and Oklahoma energy secretary, a comparison to the current energy disruption with the industrial transformational challenges experienced by the Americans when they started trading horse-drawn wagons for gas-powered vehicles led to a change with the uprising of better solutions.

Immensa has been actively involved in additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing- a method that solely depends on digital files to build parts by adding material layers. With the current enhancements, additive manufacturing employs metal, plastics, composites, and biological materials to create on-demand parts. Traditional manufacturing may advocate for cheaper mass production, while additive manufacturing allows businesses to be their supplier in the long run.

Immensa serves energy solution providers with access to a pool of unmatched additive manufacturing technicians, engineers, and facilities. Merging its knowledge with the current technology has helped realize the following benefits:

  • Replacement of physical storage by a digital inventory of spare parts
  • Organizations can order printed parts, which improves logistics, and timely delivery, reducing expenses incurred
  • Speed up production timelines and lead times from prototype to testing hence cutting costs

Immensa has revolutionized the energy sector by reducing storage needs, helping energy solution providers save money, and rapidly responding to dynamic markets. They take physical parts, digitizing them in virtual warehouses for storage; at the same time, clients can physically produce parts at on-site printers or nearby facilities.