IM Academy is a company that develops an educational trading platform that provides an opportunity to enter the trading industry. The platform is made accessible to the professional trading community and investors worldwide. IM Academy offers predictive data collection via e-mail, trading between platform members, and educational content from experts across the financial world.

The Academy is a company dedicated to helping people learn about trading and has developed an app that will present you with one of our many courses for free.

Graduates: The Academy platform has already had numerous graduates from their courses that have started trading, and we have had a very high success rate. This proves that our courses are the best tools for someone starting out in the trading industry or even someone who is already experienced.

Proven Track Record: Both founders have worked in the financial market for over ten years and have experience trading stocks, funds, futures, and much more. They also work with some of the industry’s top professionals, which has allowed us to collect many resources for our courses.

Artificial Intelligence: IM Academy is currently developing a program that uses artificial intelligence and computer algorithms to help participants harness their full potential from the courses. The program is set to be released in November 2017.

Ongoing Updates: The IM Academy platform is continually being updated with new educational materials that will be added to the courses developed by the platform. This will allow thousands of people worldwide access to these new resources, which can help them improve their trading skills. These courses are the best possible learning tools people can use to enhance their trading potential.

E-mail Trading: The platform has created a program that allows the user to have access to a virtual portfolio. This will enable them to learn how to keep track of their investments and monitor trades even if they do not have an account with us. The platform intends to expand this feature by developing new features that will allow users to simulate trading across multiple platforms.

IM Academy’s workshops provide an educational environment to its students that are free of distractions. The only thing that one will need to do to follow the lessons is register for a free account with IM Academy and log in. This can be done through its website or a mobile app available for download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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