IM Academy is an online school that offers financial education courses focusing on Forex Trading. They have everything you need to know, from the basics of currency trading to advanced methods to help you trade more efficiently and profitably. The school is built on financial education principles employed by the world’s leading universities for decades.

The school has operated successfully since 2005, providing courses to thousands of users. They also have a remarkable industry track record of successful students, which has supported the school’s reputation.

IM Academy offers extensive financial education material built up over several years. The courses are designed to be appropriate for beginners and professional traders, covering all aspects of Forex trading and all major currency pairs in depth.

The courses are available via a membership model. The classes are divided into three levels of complexity. Members can choose from a more simplified course that aims to prepare the student for day trading. An intermediate course with advanced concepts teaches you how to trade with larger market movements and potentially faster trading results.

IM Academy courses are highly interactive and dynamically changes according to the events. The interactive nature of the program allows you to alter your trading methods to suit your particular needs. The structure and content of each course are highly repetitive, giving students a deeper understanding as they move through the material at their own pace.

IM Academy offers members a 24/7 help desk, access to video lessons and forums, private support from our instructors, and much more. The Academy provides news, analysis, and information on the latest trends in international trading and investments. You’ll find investors that offer insightful views into the world of finance, insight into how to invest in this market, or valuable tips on what to watch out for in trading. Refer to this article to learn more.


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