If you are looking for ways to augment your trading, investing, or other financial knowledge, then IM Academy is just the place for you. The content here is rated as easy-to-understand by our teachers and you can learn from the comfort of your own home in a style that accommodates all time zones.

About IM Academy

The Academy is a digital forex educational website where you can get the in-depth fundamentals of the Forex market from some of the top Forex traders and money managers on the planet. We offer over 10,000 videos for you to choose from, so you can learn and grow your trading skills at home, as well as use our managed account services to manage your trades financially.

The Academy offers tutorials, interactive courses, polls, chat rooms, and many other resources that provide comprehensive guides for getting started with various instant messaging programs like Facebook Messenger, Skype, LinkedIn and Twitter. There are plenty of easy steps that you can take to master IM without spending a penny.

IM Academy Products

IM Academy offers a group of products that span from the basics of forex trading to the most advanced and complex trading systems. You can choose from our range of courses, including beginner traders, intermediate traders, advanced traders and professional traders. The Academy has four IM learning Academies. The four IM learning Academies include:

  1. Forex Academy

Our flagship academy is where you can learn the basics of Forex trading.

  1. Investor Academy

This is where advanced Forex traders can learn how to groom their craft and take it to a whole new level.

  1. Analyst Academy

This is where Intermediate and Advanced Forex Traders can hone their skills in technical analysis. Technical Analysis, in essence, is the study of past price patterns and trends to predict future price patterns and trends.

  1. Social Trader Academy

This is where you can learn how to post trades online while relying on other traders.

Forex Trading Courses

If you are a beginner trading in the Forex market, the Academy recommends that you start with the basic lessons from its flagship academy, Forex Academy. You can learn the basics of trading in the Forex market from our Forex courses. Basic lessons include how to identify entry, exit and stop-loss levels. You’ll learn how to set these levels and enter the market, the first step towards being a successful Forex trader. Click this page for more information.

Additional information about IM Academy on https://www.elmundofinanciero.com/noticia/95754/formacion/todo-lo-que-necesitas-saber-sobre-im-academy:-la-academia-que-te-ensena-a-aprender-trading.html