Family law attorneys specialize in the family court system and handle disputes arising from divorce, separation, custody battles, parenting time, alimony, and child support. Finding a good family law attorney can only be easy with proper knowledge, tools, and experience. Finding trustworthy and honest attorneys in a competitive market is also difficult.

3 Ways to Find a Good Family Law Attorney

  1. Experience handling family law cases

Experience helps with mediation, court hearings, and counseling clients, and helps your attorney build a rapport with other parties. A family law attorney with experience dealing with judges will understand the system better. An experienced attorney will be familiar with their colleagues and can help you get along better with the other attorney and family members. For example, attorney Dennis Durkin’s family law matters to focus on divorce, custody, and child support issues.

  1. History of cases

You want an attorney who has handled a variety of family law cases. You should be able to look at the attorney’s website and find past cases that can give you a sense of how they approach conflict resolution. If the attorney has a site or blog for showcasing work, it may provide a good idea of the attorney’s personality and skills. For example, family law attorney Dennis Durkin provides podcasts discussing various cases, expert advice, blogs on child custody issues, and other family-related topics.

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  1. Past reviews

Checking the attorney’s profile page on a site like Avvo will help you find other reviews of attorneys and how they handle their work. You can read or listen to those reviews to confirm an attorney’s competence. A good family law attorney will have no problem putting in the extra time to provide excellent service to their clients because they want their clients to be happy with the results after the case is resolved. For example, family law attorney Dennis Durkin has a very active presence on Avvo, with some great reviews from clients. You can read those reviews to understand the attorney’s skill and personality better.

Finding a good family law attorney is very important and can be overwhelming. You must do your research and take your time. Have faith and patience, as it may take some time to find the right lawyer.