With the click of a button, users can send live audio, video, and text messages to their contacts. We’ve also implemented an intuitive interface that allows users to easily locate the closest police station or hospital in an emergency.

Citizen App is the first app of its kind to connect users with their local law enforcement agencies and emergency services. It’s a one-of-a-kind concept that has never been introduced before and changes the way people think about safety by providing them with a new method of communication during emergencies and times of distress.

The app also has a “Safety Circle” feature, allowing users to designate their safety circle: a friend or relative is notified when you check in on the app or when your panic button is activated.

Citizen App is a mobile app created to help people find their way home and keep them safe. The app uses the location data that it collects from its users to send them real-time safety alerts, such as “Beware of the icy patch ahead” or “Someone has left the gas on.” Citizen App also offers a real-time tracking feature that allows users to follow each other’s movements and provide real-time feedback.

The App users receive safety alert messages via push notifications when they are in a location where a crime has been reported. Users who receive a push notification can view the crime reported, the address of the reported incident, and the name of the person who reported the incident. The app also allows users to send tips to the person who reported the incident by sending a message.

Citizen App sends users notifications when they enter a high-risk area, e.g., a red zone where a shooting has occurred. The app also sends notifications when someone in the user’s contact list is in a high-risk area.

With the App, users can:

  • Report emergencies such as fires, floods, robberies, and more.
  • Get a live update on traffic conditions for any location in their city or state—Google Maps’ traffic flow data power this feature.
  • See where their friends are and instantly message them with one tap.

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Learn more about Citizen App on https://www.businessinsider.com/citizen-app-pays-nyc-la-residents-jobs-livestream-crime-scenes-2021-7