For more than two decades, NumbersUSA has made numerous positive changes in the country’s immigration department. Although the facility is popular and highly successful, members of the public have still not realized the company goals up to date. The official company website lists the following as the major legislative goals in NumbersUSA:

End all chain immigrations: research done by Roy and his expert teams shows that sixty percent of the total legal migrations into the United States comes only from family connections. When family connections are involved, the issue of meeting the USA employment needs is never considered. NumbersUSA formed by Roy wants to restrict immigration and only allow it when a spouse or little children are involved. No one has to come into the country because their distant relatives are living and working in the United States.

Authorize E-verification: Roy is also on a mission to pass special regulations requiring all the workers in the country to use “E-Verify”. This is the best way of ensuring that all the new workers in America have been legalized to work and live in the country for a certain period of time.

Bring an end to Visa Lottery: Numerous platforms have realized that over fifty thousand green cards are given to new immigrants every year. With these cards, the immigrants coming into the country never verify their skills. The kind of skills possessed by the immigrants does not always match whatever is needed in the United States. These visa lottery immigrant numbers are too high, and they only worsen the complicated situation in America.

Get rid of birthright citizenship; Many people have acquired citizenship because their parents lived in the United States. NumbersUSA wants to give this citizenship when both or one parent is permanently living in the country. The country doesn’t support the idea of giving citizenship to children born from two foreigners living in America.

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