Leonid Radvinsky has always had a passion for two things: using his entrepreneurial skills to help as many people as possible and computers. His interest in the latter began at an early age when his grandfather let him play video games on his i386 machine. Leonid Radvinsky was fascinated by the technology and the potential of what could be done with it when applied correctly. With that, a lifelong love affair was born.

It was this path that led him towards his involvement with B4X — an innovative collection of tools that originally started as a project back in 2010 and aimed at the Android platform. It eventually expanded into the iOS ecosystem, along with other environments.

B4X was built from the ground up to make it easy for developers of varying skill sets to accomplish projects. One of Leonid Radvinsky’s biggest success stories has to do with how B4X can be used to make educational tools. More specifically, it’s an invaluable way to teach programming — mainly using resources like Visual Basic. Radvinsky is already planning to develop a curriculum with B4X at the heart of it all.

Leonid Radvinsky operates a blog on the B4X website where he outlines his adventures traveling the globe, all while showing what technology can do to meaningfully improve the lives of people worldwide.

This is certainly impressive for a project that came from modest beginnings over a decade ago. But in the end, for as much ground as he’s been able to cover in a relatively short amount of time, Leonid Radvinsky is just getting started. He can’t wait for the masses to see what he has been working on for the future.