In 2012, Gino Pozzo was named chairman of Watford Football Club in England’s Premier League. The iconic Italian businessman took charge of a club currently languishing at the bottom tier, mainly because they were too small financially to compete with their rivals.

Gino Pozzo, who had experience running several successful sports and event companies back home in Italy, saw the potential of Watford and wasted no time implementing his vision. Financially, Gino only had a little to work with, but he could make sensible deals that would keep the club running. He bought a football club in Italy, Granada CF, and merged it with Watford as his base.

The Pozzo Family Legacy

The Pozzo family began their journey into football by establishing Udinese Calcio in Italy in 1986. Gino Pozzo served as the chairman of the Italian club for ten years, after which he became president for another five years. Gino’s son, Giampaolo, was responsible for managing the football operations at Udinese. He has managed to keep the club running in Serie A for several years and attract talented players that have helped the club improve its position on the league table year after year. The Pozzos have also gone into buying up other football clubs like Granada in Spain, and Watford in England. In addition, Gino Pozzo has been at the forefront of the family’s expansion into sports ownership.

Changing the Game

Watford had languished at the bottom of the English Premier League table for several years. The team was on the verge of getting relegated to a lower division, which would have made it difficult to survive financially. Gino Pozzo had already changed Watford’s name to Watford FC from its former name, Watford Football Club Limited. He also restructured the club by merging it with Granada CF in Spain.

At the start of his tenure, Gino Pozzo had promised to bring a brand-new approach to Watford. He promised a fresh start for the club by bringing in new faces. The Pozzo family seems headed in the right direction, so the club is now gaining a significant fan following, with the fans returning in droves. The club has become profitable and has reversed its fortunes for the better part of the season. Refer to this page for additional information.


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