Colcom Foundation is an organization that supports the conservation of the environment to avert the sixth mass extinction. As such, Colcom Foundation support various projects, including protecting the local environment in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Here are some of the environmental and conservation projects they support.


Under conservation, here are some of the projects they fund.

The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

The organization has a revolving fund that provides zero-interest loans to nonprofits and land trusts looking to preserve or restore exceptional properties and areas.

Hollow Oak Land Trust

This NPO in Pennsylvania has nine conservation areas that add up to about 700 acres. The organization aims to protect greenspaces.

Westmoreland Land Trust

Colcom Foundation conserves land with special cultural, recreational, and ecological value for the benefit of the public.


WeConservePA helps individuals and organizations conserve land, implement sustainable practices, protect waterways, and reconnect people to outdoor spaces.

Education and Media

Colcom Foundation is also involved in educating the community about conservation.

As such, it supports Rail Pollution Protection Pittsburgh (RP3), a group of residents in Pittsburg who create awareness about the negative impact of rail proliferation and how it conflicts with sustainability and urban health.


At the grassroots level, the organization supports two major projects, which are The Environmental Integrity Project and Protect PT. The former advocates for the enforcement of laws that protect the environment. The latter is a community-based NPO that protects the security, quality of life, and safety of residents of Westmoreland and Allegheny counties from the harmful effects of fossil fuel activity.

Colcom Foundation supports legal projects such as the Fair Shake Environmental Legal Services, which is a law firm helping people affected negatively by environmental issues like fracking. It also supports research projects like the National Aviary.

As you can see, the foundation is very hands-on in conserving or protecting the environment. They partner and support other similar organizations to alleviate the sixth mass extinction. Visit this page for more information.


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