Health Carousel (HC) is a staff management company established in 2004. HC provides healthcare staff and human resources for healthcare facilities in the US. With its impressive reputation in providing a quality workforce for hospitals, HC became listed among the 5000 fastest-growing private establishments in the US. On top of this unique achievement, HC also became one among four companies featured in Inc. Magazine- a respectable magazine that puts growing businesses on the map.


Through its CEO John Sebastian, HC is expanding its influence to achieve proper medical care and provide qualified staff in every area of healthcare. Health Carousel has impacted more than nine million lives in the US. This marvelous achievement materialized through recruiters who provide qualified nurses and physicians across the US.


Health Carousel provides Travel Nursing Services, Locum Tenens Physicians, and Tailored Workforce Solutions. These flagships cater to specific cases.

– Travel nurses fill available vacant positions where staff members are not available across the 50 states in the US.

– Locum Tenens Physicians are highly skilled physicians that offer services where required.

– Tailored Workforce Solutions create a custom working space to suit staff member and resources.


Health Carousel International is another program that acquires foreign health professionals to add value and diversity. To fasten this process, HCI handles logistical and credential details. HCI also ensures that incoming practitioners maintain the required medical standards.

Through this global nursing recruitment program, HCI improves nursing skills and resources and provides an ethical nursing recruitment platform that is transparent for foreigners and US healthcare providers.

HC also supports its staff to pursue further education in the medical field to equip nurses with the knowledge required in hospitals across the globe and reduce the nursing shortage experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic.