Health Carousel Offers Solutions for Modern Healthcare Staffing Problems

The shortage of healthcare workers is a global crisis. Although the problem was there before, the pandemic’s rise has exacerbated the need. Health Carousel LLC, one of the largest U.S.-based healthcare staffing agencies, has been at the forefront of supporting nurses’ education. With its “light the way” initiative, the agency has committed $200,000 to fund healthcare workers’ education programs. The support stretches from the U.S. to other countries abroad. Education systems worldwide need help to meet the increasing demand for quality nursing education. The Light the Way initiative offers scholarships to nurses at Chamberlain University, among others.

Most countries need help establishing a mechanism that ensures quality nurses‘ education and training. Part of the Health Carousel Fund is used in the Philippines to improve the quality of education in nursing schools. In Uganda, the Light the Way initiative has used funds to establish a training lab in collaboration with the Ugandan midwives Union. The Carousel’s decision to support the healthcare worker’s education is very essential. A report by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing shows that U.S. nursing schools couldn’t take more than 80,000 applicants due to a lack of teaching faculty. Lack of quality training faculty leads to low pass rates for nursing students.

Developing nursing skills requires the availability of quality laboratories, educators, equipment, and mentorship. However, health carousel has identified an industry trend that has an impact on patient care. According to Dalton, experienced nurses are constantly leaving the industry when they are needed most. There is an increase in the older population, which requires complex care. This widens the experience–complexity gap since younger nurses have few veteran healthcare workers to mentor them. The initiative to invest in advanced nursing degrees is an effective way to address the situation. In addition, the initiative aims to deliver the best nursing management solutions to ensure every patient gets quality care whenever they need it.