So over seventy-five years, Abdul Latif Jameel (ALJ), a worldwide, diversified firm with its beginnings in Saudi Arabia, has thrived and can now boast a significant presence in more than thirty countries. Hassan Jameel, the current Deputy President and Deputy Chairman of ALJ, is upgrading the firm with abundant data and numerous digitalization techniques to future-proof the business and improve its products and services in readiness for the digital age.

ALJ has always positioned itself as a firm that embraces technological innovation and development. Digital transformation is an inherent pillar of the company’s strategy structure, and this has been one of its defining qualities throughout its existence.

The objective of ALJ to interrupt itself per market movements is being led by Jameel, who refers to data as “the new gold.” Jameel is establishing measures to ensure that digitalization streamlines all elements of the organization, especially client service and other divisions that require a considerable quantity of data interpretation.

In this section, we will analyze how Jameel’s leadership style has been affected by Japanese business ideas, how the COVID-19 outbreak has sped ALJ’s digitization, and the Japanese business principles that have inspired Jameel’s leadership style.

ALJ was initially formed in 1945 by Jameel’s grandpa, who called the company after himself. After opening his first petrol station in Jeddah, he has enjoyed a significant degree of success in the automobile sector, which has brought him considerable humility. The next year, in 1955, he successfully established a distributorship for Toyota, which is presently functioning in seven countries as a dealership or distributorship for Toyota and Lexus.

Launching a business-to-business (B2B) platform for ALJ’s car components is one of the most recent technological developments the company has done. The company expects to quickly release a consumer-facing platform that is analogous to this one. The platforms will apply machine learning to the data that Hassan Jameel has accumulated over several years. This will enable the organization to foresee swings better, organize its inventory, build a culture centered on data, and reduce expenditures. Also, Hassan Jameel is looking to hire software and data experts who can read and make excellent use of the company’s data. View Source: