About Glenn Lurie

Glenn Lurie is a telecommunication and wireless technology expert. Glenn serves as the CEO, Board Member, and President of Synchronoss. Previously, he worked as AT&T’s CEO and President. The AT&T position allowed Glenn to manage video services, home entertainment, sales and operations, and customer care.

Culture and Business Success: Glenn Lurie Synchronoss 3 Ps

According to Glenn Lurie Synchronous, a company’s culture determines its productivity. Every business need to create a vibrant culture characterized by teamwork, employee engagement, and community sensitivity, commonly known as “Glenn Lurie Synchronoss 3 Ps”. The 3 Ps represent People, Passion, and Purpose.

The philosophy involves considering the interests of the people involved, streamlining leadership, and prioritizing the purpose of the business.

Five Must-know Glenn Lurie’s 3 P’s Leadership Lessons

Glenn Lurie, Synchronoss CEO, advises company leaders to adhere to the following guidelines for them to remain productive and successful:

  1. Relay Clear Messages

Synchronoss and AT&T are examples of companies that have a large workforce. For instance, AT&T had more than 60,000 employees. Simplified and clear communication ensured that the large labor force was on the same page with management. As a result, the firm met the organization’s goals and objectives.

  1. Apply People-Focused Approach

The people here refer to the company’s employees. According to Glenn Lurie Synchronoss, all the individuals involved in business operations must be listened to and cared for, which is non-negotiable. The workforce’s interests must be satisfied to keep the customers attended excellently. According to research, a happy labor force is 12% more productive.

  1. Make Employees Understand their Purpose

Employees must understand how individual contributions affect the whole team and the company. The company’s goals are realized if individuals do their part diligently. Therefore, business leaders need to make employees understand the importance of their roles.

  1. Create Passion

Passion involves love towards what an employee does. Employees who love their work get excited, thus becoming more productive. Business leaders should therefore learn to inspire their colleagues to remain motivated.

  1. Set an Example

Leading by example creates a positive attitude and behavior among the labor force. Leaders should remain accountable and carry out self-reflection. Such a self-assessment will lure the employees to do the same.