In a press release to the public, Teal Communications, an IoT technology, and commercial communications firm, expressed delight at welcoming Glenn Lurie to its Board of Directors.

As President, CEO, and Senior Executive of Synchronoss Technologies, Lurie brings extensive experience in the telecommunications, cellular, and IoT sectors to Teal. Before working at Synchronoss, Lurie served as President and Chief Executive Officer of AT&T’s Connectivity and Client Solutions unit. Learn information about Glenn Lurie

Due to his mobile-first mindset and his work to create novel services that improve individuals’ daily lives, Glenn was selected by Russell Reynolds Associates for being among the “MobileGameChangers” in 2014. Numerous honors have been bestowed upon Glenn, notably the Telecom Leadership Award from Wireless Week in 2010.

Previously, Teal secured a Class A funding round of $9.2 million to continue developing its intelligent eSIM infrastructure and to roll out its solutions to different industries. The firm is a leader in the rapidly expanding IoT and has now declared its involvement in the 5G Open Development Center with the likes of Intel, Microsoft, and others.

Glen expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity to work with the firm’s youthful and bright staff to help address the industry’s networking challenges and propel new developments in the Internet of Things (IoT) and personal networking arenas. Glen believes Teal’s technologies have the possibility of speeding up the action across the entire field as he has been involved with the IoT sector from its inception and has seen how it has grown.

Glen Lurie graduated from Seattle Pacific Higher education institution with a BA in business and marketing. Glenn was a triple NCAA National title holder in soccer while playing for Seattle Pacific University. He was selected in the initial round of the Major Internal Soccer League draft and eventually began playing competitively for clubs in Cleveland and Atlanta, among other places.