Gino Pozzo is known for transforming lower-division football clubs into top-flight leagues. His family has been involved in the ownership of football clubs since the 1980s. Mr. Pozzo was born to enthusiastic football-loving parents in Udine, Italy. His mother, Giuliana Pozzo, had good relations with the former CEOs of Udinese Football Club. After his 18th birthday, Gino moved to the USA to study at Harvard University, where he earned his master’s. He married a Catalan and relocated to Spain, Barcelona, where he spent 20 years. Gino later moved to London with his nuclear family in 2013 after purchasing Watford F.C.

The Pozzo family’s business in football began when Gianpaolo, Gino’s father, bought Udinese in 1986. The money used to make this purchase emanated from profits made in woodworking, a business this family had carried on for generations. Today, the Pozzo’s own an electric appliance venture in Spain, and they involve themselves with finance and property mergers in addition to owning sports clubs. Mr. Gianpaolo sold the woodworking venture in 2008 to focus on other investment areas. See this page for additional information.

Gino Pozzo is believed to be the Pozzo family mastermind with his unique scouting-driven paradigm of club ownership. This method has brought success and growth to Udinese since Gino’s inclusion on the club board in 1993. While living in Barcelona in 2009, Gino also made the acquisition of Granada F.C. possible. The Pozzo’s acquired Granada FC after its initial owners had failed to pay a debt of €12 million. After owning the club for two years, Granada F.C. rose from the third division to LaLiga after being out of competition for 35 years.

After four years of owning Watford Football Club, Gino also ensured that it rose from the Fourth Division to the Premier League. Gino Pozzo is continuing to develop Watford, investing both on and off the pitch. He is improving the Vicarage Road stadium to benefit Watford’s fan base.


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