The English Premier League is the pinnacle of world club football. The British football pyramid can take takes from the top to the bottom of the 92 professional clubs in a few short years. Watford Football Club has been one of the clubs that has experienced the highs and lows of professional sports. Gino Pozzo arrived as the owner in 2012, with the club rooted to the bottom of the English game.

Gino Pozzo has brought a new mindset to the English professional game. The cult of the head coach has overtaken top teams in the U.K. Watford F.C. has stayed clear of the big-name managers who want to impact every aspect of the club. Watford’s success since Pozzo’s arrival has been based on building a team spirit from the youth team to the top players. The Italian Chair of Watford F.C. has moved between his hometown of Udinese, Barcelona, and southern England.

Pozzo has taken the template he created for the Italian team, Udinese. Pozzo has developed a successful strategy for identifying young players who are undervalued by their clubs. The strategy brings on-the-field success and profits from player sales. The strategy proved a success in Spain and pushed Watford into the Premier League. Gino Pozzo believes his strategy is in line with the demands of professional sports at the highest level.

Gino Pozzo understands the history of Watford F.C. and hopes to replicate its glory days of the 1980s. Pozzo moved into an office at Watford’s Vicarage Road Stadium, from where he hopes to keep the club at the heart of the community. Pozzo has moved his family to the Watford area from Barcelona. A complete understanding of the European football landscape gives Watford a leg-up in finding the best players. Pozzo has become one of the leading lights in the European football industry. Refer to this article for related information.


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