Gary McGaghey is a private equity specialist based in London who has worked in the industry for over 15 years. He has carried out numerous M&A transactions and invests in public and private companies, focusing on industrial sectors (automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, mining) and technology-related investments.

Gary graduated from Oxford University and was awarded an MA in Philosophy. Before his work at Bain Capital, he worked at University College London while teaching undergraduate law courses.

He is Managing Director at Bain Capital in London, focusing on sourcing new investment opportunities globally (UK & International). Gary has been a long-term advocate of the private equity model and has commented on the industry in various media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, CNN, Sky News, CNBC, and Reuters.

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Counterparty credit risk (CCR) is a broad term that covers all risks arising from counterparties to financial contracts not keeping their side of the bargain (known as ‘default’), such as derivatives transactions, investment banking transactions, and trading contracts. These can be referred to as ‘counterparty credit events’ or simply ‘defaults.’

Gary McGaghey’s cash improvement strategies are designed to address the risks of default while focusing on rewarding clients’ relative contributions to the overall value of Bain Capital’s portfolio. Some of his strategies include cash management, securitization, bankruptcy and insolvency, financial engineering, and special-purpose vehicles.

After graduating from Oxford University, McGaghey spent eight years working for the highly acclaimed International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington D.C. Gary McGaghey then joined Bain Capital in 1999 and has since been based in London, leading the firm’s investment efforts with a focus on sourcing new investment opportunities globally (UK & International).