Don Manifold has shown that a person can have an entrepreneurial spirit while also making sure people and businesses grow financially. He has traveled the world in the financial industry but decided to head back to his native Adelaide after being away for a decade.

In 2018, he created the Manifold Advisory Partners while building a family and having his hand in other businesses. He spends his time helping businesses in growing to what their potential can be, which can be narrowing the company to a better focus to keep distractions from causing losses that can destroy what is built.

Work and focus being practiced and preached does not mean that Don Manifold is always at work, as he also participates in the occasional triathlon. This means he shows his competitive spirit, even in his relaxing activities. Being competitive meant that he was wanting to have a good network and set of contacts when he got back to Adelaide.

Some of that comes from what a person does outside the office, which means he had to create the right balance. He teaches this to those entrepreneurs who come to him to grow their companies and get them on more steady ground.

Spending a quarter of a century learning and perfecting what one does is hard to transmit to those wanting help. Another way Don Manifold works to get this knowledge to those wanting it is via Boss Magazine that he created. Even this is a success, as it is profitable where a lot of other publications have been folding over the past few years as they have not been able to adapt/ This shows that Manifold not only teaches, but still also puts all his knowledge into practice to know more click here.